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The School offers an expanding range of distinctive programs in European studies and is open to Italian and foreign nationals holding a university degree in subjects such as economics, law, political science, international relations and social studies.

The Institute also caters to the needs of civil servants active in national ministries and other bodies that conduct their activities in connection with the EU and other international agencies.

Special courses are held to train young graduates for competitive examinations periodically organized by European institutions.

Depending on the nature and purposes of the program, the duration may vary from a few weeks to a full academic year with a mix of specialized and interdisciplinary studies. Attendance at the lessons is compulsory for all courses.

The language of instruction is usually Italian, although classes in other European languages may be organized. Supplementary courses are held to help students become acquainted with the specialized English terminology of international organizations.

The teaching staff includes academics as well as practitioners across a wide range of fields. It is a matter of pride for the Institute that former postgraduate students have gradually taken up faculty positions.

The deepening of the European integration process in an ever-growing number of areas and the forthcoming enlargement of the EU after the end of the division of the continent have dramatically changed and expanded the prospects of European studies.

The long-established one-year course, organized on a regular basis since 1955-56 and leading to the Diploma in European Studies, has been supplemented by a further course in 1993-94, leading to the Master's Degree in European Studies. A third year has been introduced in 1996-97 for high-level specialized training of a selected number of researchers wishing to obtain the Diploma of Specialization in the Organization of European Cooperation and Integration.

Subjects of the basic Diploma course include the main historical, legal, economic and security aspects of European integration as realized within the EU as well as an overall survey of major pan-European and transatlantic institutions.

The Master's course, focusing on specific issues concerning the single market, the economic and monetary union and common policies and the external relations of the EU, is open to those who have successfully completed the first year, obtaining the Diploma, and is designed to provide an adequate training  for careers in European and international organizations.

A specially selected topic is investigated during the third year, leading to the Diploma of Specialization, mostly devoted to individual research leading to the preparation of a written dissertation under the supervision and guidance of a professor.

Courses are supplemented by occasional lectures and round tables, organized in cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament and other national and international bodies. Visits to the seats of European institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg are arranged at the end of each academic year to round off  the academic curriculum with direct contacts with EU officials. Younger students are advised on curricular and career issues.

After having passed oral subject examinations that are periodically held, students are required to submit a written dissertation which is discussed before a special Committee.

The 49 courses of Postgraduate European Studies, held from the academic year 1955-56 through the academic year 2003-2004, were attended by over 1800 students coming from over 50 different countries. Of these students, 1279 were awarded the Diploma in European Studies, 224 the Master’s Degree, and 25 the Diploma of Specialization.



Pensare progetto

Programma di formazione full immersion sulla progettualità.

L'Istituto di Studi Europei "Alcide De Gasperi" e l'Associazione di promozione sociale "Tutti Europa ventitrenta" organizzano il Corso Pensare progetto. Programma di formazione full immersion sulla progettualità

La presentazione del corso avverrà on line gli interessati possono iscriversi alle seguenti mail: per avere maggiori informazioni. La partecipazione a tale incontro è libera perchè è destinato a consentire agli interessati di decidere se aderire al progetto formativo.

Presentazione on line lunedì 14 marzo 2022 alle ore 18.30.

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