Institute of European Studies "Alcide De Gasperi"


Intervista al Presidente dell'Istituto Prof. Antonio Sabbatella


The site of the Institute of European Studies "Alcide De Gasperi" is under renovation.

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The Institute of European Studies "Alcide De Gasperi", founded in Rome in 1953 and recognized as a legal institution with DPR of April 29, 1956, No. 492, is based in Rome, and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

The Institute aims to promote national and international scientific and educational initiatives for the advancement of cooperation and integration in Europe. In carrying out its activities, the Institute cooperates with European International Organizations - in particular the European Union (EU) - and Euro-Atlantic Institutions.


The Istitute of European Studies "Alcide De Gasperi"

is located in Rome

Via delle Quattro Fontane, 29 int.1

00184 Roma - ITALIA

tel.06.6784262 - 06.6990494

fax 06.6794101

email:, or:




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